Design and Engineering


The services of Shiptec’s Naval Architecture & Engineering are primarily based on the longtime experience and knowledge of the team. Quality and performance also require a modern infrastructure.  


The following list shows a selection of software solutions utilized at Shiptec: 

  • SolidWorks (CAD software) to create drawings and 3D models
  • AutoCAD 2D
  • FEA for structural and strength analyses
  • Power Prediction for speed and performance calculations
  • MaxSurf (software for developing the geometry of the hull)
  • HydroMax (calculation software, e.g. stability calculations)
  • StarCCM (software for numerical fluid calculations, CFD)
  • CostFact (cost monitoring software for ship-building) 
  • MathCad (mathematical calculation software)
  • NI performance data measurement for online use and logging solutions
  • ECSCad & Tinline (electrical and installations planning)
  • Rhino (surface modelling software)    



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