Installation of a rudder-hydraulic for the "Spiezerli"

As part of the re-vaporization of the DS Spiez, Shiptec received the order to modernize the steering gear of the screw steamer.

The Spiez steamboat has been out of service for ten years and has been standing next to the BLS shipyard in Thun ever since. A new steam engine and a new steam boiler will be installed on the ship over the next few months. The interior of the ship is completely renovated. The main deck is partially opened so that the steam engine can be seen and heard by the passengers. The steam engine - the heart of the new ship - was built by Dampflokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik AG in Winterthur. After test and training runs, BLS wants to put the ship back into operation and use it primarily as a round trip and charter ship.

In order to adapt the ship to the new requirements, 2 rudder hydraulic systems are installed. Special mention should be made that 2 rudders (bow and stern) are available. This is because the "Spiezerli" enters the Aare canal backwards and out again forwards.

Work will start in summer 2019 and should be completed in autumn.