Official Service-Partner Section "Marine-Commercial"



Partner for reliably and economic diesel engines in a power range from 12 to 1900 KW.

Automation Technology

Official distributor and service center for Switzerland and Austria

Maneuver systems

Official service partner in Switzerland and their border waters

Propellers & Shaftings

Official distributor for Switzerland, Austria and Germany

Ship Steering

Official distributor and service partner in Switzerland

Fire Alarm Systems & Lighting Technology

Distributor and service partner for Switzerland and their border waters

Ship Design

Design-Partner for new Ships

Propulsion Solution

Competence-Centre for modern impulse draughts

Impulse Draughts

Competence partner for alternative impulse solutions

Light Construction

Competence partner for the application of lightweight construction materials in shipbuilding


Distributor and service partner for working boats and authority boats of aluminium