Product data

Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees

Year of completion

Project scope
39.000 h

Order volume
6.500.000 CHF

MS Saphir

With a new concept, Shiptec developed and constructed an ecological and economical passenger ship. The naval engineers showed courage and did not stick to traditional passenger ship design, but developed a ship in the design of a luxury yacht. The extravagant appearance as well as the slender lines set a new course in passenger ship construction.

But what makes the ship a luxury yacht?

Dynamic and perfected in shape, the design as well as the “Water Platform” at the rear allows passengers a glance into the world of super yachts. Shiptec attaches importance to the design of its ships. That is why the design office of Judel/Vroljik, well-known in the yacht industry, was tasked with drafting the aesthetical appearance.

Technical Data:

Total Length49.00 m
Total Width8.30 m
Displacement147.4 t loaded
Propulsion2 x 180 kW (625 hp) diesel-electric
Speed28 km/h
Persons300 passengers