Product data

Wabag Kies AG

Year of completion

Project scope
1.225 h

Order volume
139.500 CHF

Cargo Ship Goliath

Goliath is a cargo ship of the company WABAG and was constructed in 1928. The total length is approximately 37.8 m and the carrying capacity is 220 t.

The cargo ship consists of a steel plate with strength of 10 mm. In the bow area, all along the winch, it is added with steel - bulb-plate of strength of 8 mm. The whole load-deck has an area of approximately 200 m2.

The mentioned steel-plate had to be replaced already 20 years ago from the firm WABAG. Then the steel-plate was damaged again in cause of the daily heavy utilization. It also was strongly waved between the frames including the subjacent alongside-structure. Besides that also the diagonal bracing were partly scribed.


Goal of the project:

The whole load deck was replaced with a new, wear-resistant steel-plate with strength of 10 mm. In the building sector it was replaced with a same steel-bulb-plate like before with a strength of 8 mm. Furthermore the deformed alongside-structure was replaced where necessary.  Also the diagonal-bracing-fastening in the bow area (analogue stem section) was improved.



Technical data:

Total length37.80 m
Total width8.10 m

MAN D 2866 LXE40 with 221 kW (300 hp)

Speedca. 16 km/h
Carrying capacity220 t