Product data

Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Vierwaldstättersee

Year of completion

Project scope
21.118 h

Order volume
3.340.000 CHF

MS Schwyz

During a general overhaul, the traditional MS Schwyz was equipped with new engines. The original slow-running Sulzer engines that had moved the passenger motor ship across Lake Lucerne for five decades were obsolete. The new engines on board are two efficient twelve cylinder engines by MAN that propel the time-honored Schwyz to new speed records with the force of 1.100 kW.



Scope of the general overhaul:

  • Installation of new engines, including gears and exhaust filter
  • Revision of the shafting, including retrofitting of shaft brakes
  • New propellers
  • New compressed air system
  • New heat exchangers
  • Additional bulkhead on rib 51
  • New emergency hatches in engine room, auxiliary engine room, and kitchen (due to bulkhead 51 and closure of bulkhead doors on ribs 69 and 73)
  • Extension of the draining system due to an additional compartment in the hull
  • Adjustment of the air conditioning system in the passenger rooms
  • Adjustments in the kitchen (refrigeration cells, induction stove)
  • Adjustments on the main power distribution
  • New wastewater tank
  • Adjustment of the control panel and the bridge wings with a new radar etc. (related to the installation of new engines)
  • Adjustment of the wheelhouse stairs: door from upper deck to the wheelhouse stairs (according to general arrangement plan)
  • Adaptations of interior fittings: floorings, ceilings, cosmetic changes on the walls, new lighting & new audio system, new furniture, adaptations of the buffet etc. (without room changes)
  • New outdoor furniture on main deck and aft upper deck
  • Additional wind walls on aft upper deck




Technical Data:


Total length58.30 m
Total width11.27 m
Displacement  337 t
Propulsion2 x 550 kW, MAN marine diesel engines, Common Rail
Speed 30 km/h
Persons900 passengers