Product data

200 years of Central Switzerland

Year of completion

Project scope
18.000 h

Order volume
3.000.000 CHF

water lily

The year 2015 has been named as the year of hospitality in Central Switzerland.

At the heart of the tourism anniversary will be the “Seerose” (water lily), a floating platform on Lake Lucerne. The water lily was constructed and built by Shiptec AG. She is approved and certified as a ship by the local authorities (according Swiss Shipbuilding Regulation). The project volume of the water lily can be compared with different big reconstruction projects of passenger ships. There are similarities in the project organisation.

The platform was welded into one pontoon out of unique sections, some parts while floating on the water. Shiptec could build up on its know-how and on the knowledge of its staff. The tribunes were built out of unique pieces in the heart of the water lily. The elements in shape of petals were lifted on the construction by a crane and assembled. Hydraulic cylinders were assembled; which allow opening and closing the petals.

Due to the tight project schedule and many special requirements, a lot of flexibility was required. The biggest challenge was the engineering, the project management and due to the tight schedules especially the logistics. The team of ten engineers had a lot of work with the preparation of the project, but also with the calculation of the ultimate load, the stability and the save floatability in normal as well as in partly floated condition (for the non-disruptive crossing of the “Achereg”-bridge). The requirement on safety from the authority and owner was persistent fulfilled.

The 420 tonnes water lily platform was produced in front of the shipyard in Lucerne out of huge steel elements, in just 7 months. With the twelve surrounding assembled, flaring blades, the platform exhibits a diameter of 48 meters. These are intended for a get-together place all around the arena. Opened the sculpture rises up to 16 meters with the movable sepals. Those eight floral- or sepals enclose the inner area with the circular arranged tribunes. The peaks of the petals serve as a swivelling roof of the arena.

The water lily is principally a pontoon without an engine. It has to be pushed and/or drawn from two push-boats from berth to berth. In the end of March 2015, the water lily was handed over to the association “200 years of Central Switzerland”.


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