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Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees

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15.500.000 CHF

MS Diamant

With the development and construction of MS Diamant, Shiptec AG sets the new standard for inland waterway transport.   

The ship surprises not only visually but also integrates a range of technical innovations.

Thanks to lightweight design, an optimized hull shape and a hybrid propulsion system, the energy consumption is 20% less than on conventional ship. MS Diamant is Switzerland's first climate-neutral cruise ship.

On Thursday the 4th of May 2017, the new grand ship of the navigation company Lake Lucerne (SGV AG) was christened “Diamant” and went on its maiden voyage.

Since 25th May 2017, the MS Diamant operates daily between Lucerne and Flüelen and on Friday and Saturday evenings on culinary trips. It is also available for charter cruises. The current schedule of MS Diamant is published on

With a capacity up to 400 banquet places it is possible to hold large events in a unique ambience. Many surprises await the passengers on five decks: among others there are Nautilus room with underwater view, the aft water terrace with a flowing footbath or the compass lounge on the sun deck.

A further unique design feature about which is worth mentioning, is a movable platform that allows to have two separated, continuous decks when closed, or a gallery on the upper level with a stage on the lower level in the open configuration, all covered with a glass dome.

Thanks to the consistent implementation of the passenger’s needs, MS Diamant provides an extraordinary customer experiences.



Persons                               1‘100 passengers (400 banquet places)

Crew                                     4 persons

Length over all                    63.50 m

Width over all                      13.30 m

Displacement                       empty 340 t, 100% loaded 440 t

Propulsion                            parallel hybrid system: 2 x 405 kW Diesel, 2 x 180 kW E-motors

E-supply power system       2 x 180 kW

Battery storage                    2 x 42.4 kWh

Speed                                    30 Km/h


MS Diamant time-lapse