Diesel-Electrical and Hybrid Propulsion

Diesel-electrical and hybrid propulsion

The future belongs to green propulsion technologies. To provide a maximum in efficiency, environmental compatibility and emission protection for passenger ships and yachts, Shiptec works in cooperation with Siemens Marine Solutions. Together with Siemens, Shiptec develops propulsion solutions for inland navigation vessels and yachts based on the extremely versatile, compact and highperformance diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system from Siemens, called “EcoProp”. EcoProp is the result of decades of experience at Siemens who are the technology leader in manufacturing hybrid propulsion systems for trains and buses. It combines highest efficiency and low noise levels and emissions.  


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The benefits provided by these individually customized propulsion systems include:

  • Emissions control and environmental-friendliness
  • Choice of multiple propulsion modes for highest efficiency and flexibility
  • Silent, zero-emission operation gives excellent onboard comfort
  • Modular, versatile and retrofit able
  • Access to all SECA and ECA zones
  • Competitiveness and safety for the investment  

Depending on the type of ship and its requirements, we also compile concepts with the affiliated larger and more powerful product called “BlueDrive PlusC”.