Design and Engineering



The Naval Architecture & Engineering department of Shiptec is the biggest engineering office for shipbuilding in Switzerland and offers competence in development, projecting, and design in shipbuilding. The specialist team consists of naval architects, mechanical engineers, design engineers and electrical engineers. Interdisciplinary teams analyse the challenges in shipbuilding and related areas, and develop solutions. The experienced specialists are supported by current software solutions. For tank testing and other special tasks, there exists a well-established network to universities and specialized engineering offices. Shiptec is one of the leading engineering offices in Europe with regards to modern propulsion solutions.


  • calculations for hydrostatics (inclining tests and stability calculations)
  • hydrodynamic analysis (resistance calculation CFD & tank tests, wave behaviour, structural and strength calculations FEM)
  • safety clarifications, safety concepts (fire safety, load capacity, sea-worthiness...)
  • design of ships
  • construction attendance and supervision for third-party shipyards - project management
  • feasibility studies
  • support in cooperating with regulatory authorities and classification societies
  • evaluation, layout and planning of systems (water, propulsion, electrical systems etc.)
  • expert assessments and expertise in shipbuilding
  • expert assessments in hydraulic engineering
  • electric-planning, conceptual design and planning of control systems in the ship
  • layout and design of pneumatic units
  • layout and design of hydraulic units


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