Historical Ships

Steam Ships and Old-timers

Steam Ships

Shiptec is known in Europe as an expert for the maintenance and renovation of historical steam ships. The operation and maintenance of historical ships require great experience. Owing to the maintenance servicing of the five great steam ships of the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company and thanks to complex renovations of different steam ships in Switzerland, Shiptec can resort to this experience.  


  • projecting of comprehensive renovations
  • execution of modifications, renovations and partial new constructions
  • new development and design of components
  • renovations of parts with historic value (steam engines, interior fittings, etc.)
  • insertion of new technologies to satisfy current security requirements  



Historical diesel motor ships or steam boats demand great technical skill and familiarity with older techniques. We are able to expertly work on steam engines, antique interior fittings or a riveted hull. Besides the utilization of the most modern techniques, Shiptec also excels at traditional craftsmanship and brings time-honored ships back to former glory.  


  • corrosion protection
  • new development and design of traditional ships or component parts
  • renovation and maintenance of historical diesel engines
  • renovation and maintenance on steam engines and steam ships