Shiptec is responsible for the maximal availability of more than 30 passenger ships on different waters in Switzerland.

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Restorations and Renewals

Ships are a long-living investment good and require some modernisations over their span of life. Read more>


The Naval Architecture & Engineering department of Shiptec is the biggest engineering office for shipbuilding in Switzerland and offers competence in development, projecting, and design in shipbuilding. Read more>

Repairs & Service

Regular service assignments as well as bigger seasonal service works are part of our usual daily business. Read more>


With the construction of the passenger ships MS Saphir and MS Cirrus, Shiptec has set two milestones in inland water navigation. By consistently implementing customer requirements, two different ships were developed. Read more>

Competence Center for integrated energy and propulsion systems

Hybrid Solutions


Schottel Revision am Lago d`Iseo

Die Shiptec AG durfte die Schottel-Antriebe der MS "Citta di Bergamo" und der MS "Citta di Brescia" am Lago d`Iseo in Norditalien revidieren.

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Erweiterung ISO 3834-2

Im Zusammenhang der Aufrechterhaltung-Zertifizierung für die Schweissnorm ISO 3834-2 wurde die Werkstoffgruppe 22 (Aluminium) aufgenommen.

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Neumotorisierung Panta Rhei

Die Shiptec AG darf für die Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft AG die Neumotorisierung der MS Panta Rhei durchführen.

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Auftrag FSA Thurgau: 3 neue Ölwehrboote

Die Shiptec AG hat im Februar 2017 den Auftrag erhalten, 3 Alu-Ölwehrboote für das Feuerschutzamt FSA Thurgau zu bauen. Jedes dieser Boote hat eine...

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Neue Patrouillenboote für die Armee

Shiptec AG erhält Teilauftrag zum Bau der neuen Patrouillenboote für die Armee.

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Shipyard & Production

Shiptec’s shipyard is one of the biggest shipyards in Switzerland. At the moment we are building the most modern Ship of the SGV- Fleet. Read more about our shipyard>  

Shiptec Products

Landing bridges / Push boat / Steering gears

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