Product data

Stiftung Trivapor

Year of completion

Project scope
60.000 h

Order volume
10.000.000 CHF

SS Neuchâtel

During three years, Shiptec has completely renovated the steam ship SS Neuchâtel.

SS Neuchâtel, built in 1912, had been used in schedule operation in the Three-Lakes region until 1969. It was then decommissioned and used as a restaurant ship until the year 2006. In this time, the space in the hull was used by gastronomy and for that reason the original steam engine, among other things, was removed.

After Trivapor had initiated the project of restoration, it was luckily possible to procure another suitable engine (Maffei No. 567, built in 1926). This engine had originally been used on the Chiemsee and was completely overhauled by Shiptec in 2009. The actual revision of the ship could be initiated in 2010, after it had stood still for more than four decades. First, the hull was restored, during which great parts of the shell plate as well as the structure needed to be replaced. Later, all systems, including the newly renovated steam engine, were installed.

In the last phase, the superstructures and interior fittings were produced and installed. As SS Neuchâtel had not had an operating permit for such a long period of time, it needed to fulfill the same requirements as a new ship construction according to applicable regulations. In order to meet these modern requirements without losing historic value, Shiptec had to develop some unconventional solutions. This has been achieved to the full satisfaction of the customer, and the steam ship is operating with a regular schedule again since spring 2014.


Technical data:

Total length48.60 m
Total width11.20 m
Displacement  192.4 t loaded
Propulsionsteam, 2 cylinders ca. 243 kW
Speed 23 km/h
Persons300 passengers