Product data

BPG, Basler Personenschiffahrt AG

Year of completion

Project scope
5.800 h

Order volume
960.000 CHF

MS Christoph Merian

MS Christoph Merian was built in 1991 by the Meidericher shipyard. The flagship of the Basler Personenschifffahrt AG (BPG) has been completely renovated and modernized during 7 weeks.   

Important and new is that the ship now is handicapped accessible. Along with a passenger PLV, new floors & roofs, new furnishing and a modified light-concept does the ship blaze in new colours.   Shiptec AG did implement the complete project-management, construction-management and several structural alteration works for this refit. Several local companies were also involved in the renovation works.  

Scope of the renovation:

  • Overall visual revaluations of the interior and exterior
  • Brand new floor covering
  • New interior furnishing
  • New acoustic-roof
  • Installation of a passenger elevator between entrance-deck,  lower- and upper-deck
  • New construction of handicapped toilets
  • New construction of a wardrobe, a mobile bar and a storeroom 
  • Restoration of the counter
  • Restoration of the toilets in the upper-deck and replacement of the entrance-stairs
  • Restoration of the two saloon-bars
  • A complete new illumination with RGB LED
  • Ship equipped with WLAN

Technical data:

Total length65.50 m
Total width9.50 m
Displacement465 t 

2x294 kW / 2x400 hp

Speedca. 30 km/h (depending on flow)
Persons600 passengers