Product data


Year of completion

Project scope
700 h

Order volume
100.000 CHF

MS Ville de Genève

The MS Ville de Genève was rebuilt in spring 2014 by CGN. Shiptec was awarded the steel works for the bulbous bow as well as the „Ducktail“, meaning the stern extension. This included ordering the steel parts, preliminary assembly in the Lucerne shipyard, transportation to Geneva to CGN’s shipyard, as well as the assembly on site.

Due to highly ambitious time planning, less than 30 days passed between the delivery of the steel parts to the Lucerne shipyard and the finalized assembly on site in the Geneva shipyard.



 Technical Data:

Total length48.50 m
Total width9.40 m
Displacement  270 t
Propulsion2 x 551 kW
Persons562 passengers